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Bed and Breakfast San Giovanni to Insulam
Isola del Gran Sasso, Teramo
Mobil phone: +3494422982
Tel-Fax: +0861-975195

As to arrive

– from the slope tirrenico:
Highway A/24 – exit at “ Colledara – San Gabriele”, then take the direction
“Isola del Gran Sasso” at about 5 kms, from “Isola del Gran Sasso” to continue
for 2 kms around direction “San Giovanni ad Insulam”.

– from the adriatic slope:
Highway A/14 – exit “Mosciano Sant`Angelo”, therefore to take the SS80 in
direction Teramo and at “Montorio al Vomano” to continue along the SS 491,
arrival later around 13 kms ( 2 kms before arriving to “Isola del Gran Sasso”).
(You see map)

– in train
Line Milan-Lecce, to go down to the station of Giulianova, therefore to continue up to
Teramo and then to continue by car.
( to have more information as to reach Isola del Gran Sasso in train uses the site of the
railroads of the State http://www. .)

– in airplane
Airport of Abruzzo in Pescara – to arrive to Milan or Turin therefore to take the coincidence
for Pescara and then to continue by car or train.

What to visit

-The sanctuary of S. Gabriele dell`Addolorata.

The complex is constituted from the new basilica from the ancient church and from the convent. The basilica has been built in 1970 and can entertain over 10.000 believers.

Restored at the end of 1500, the ancient church entertains the grave of S. Gabriele, and it has frescos that remember the life of the saint.

The convent goes up again to 1200 with its well of S. Francis and the cloister of the XVI century.

The monks Passionists of the sanctuary organize every summer the Tendopoli that recalls thousand of young people.

Inside the sanctuary the Museum Stauros of sacred art can be visited.

– The historical Center preserve still the signs of his suggestive past, desert and silent roads, rich of echi and of ancient meoirs, so holds that the houses seem aloft to touch themselves, windows elegantly drawn.

– The “Castle of the Island”, closed by three doors, surrounded by ditch and strong for Nature because inclusive the two rivers Ruzzo and Mavone.

– The “Chiesa Madre” with portal of Matteo di Napoli (1420), the 1500 Baptismal Source, the Panel in maiolica of Andrea Pompei of Castelli, the ostensorio of the 1400 of a foreign goldsmith.

– the sixteenth-century palazzetto with portal in stone and 1500 inside cortiletto, the sixteenth-century bifora.

– the chapel of S. Sebastiano with frescos of Andrea de Litio, out to the boundaries.

– the Church of S. Leonardo with baroque wooden altar

– the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie and that of S. Lucia

Looks at the photos of these marvelous places

Activity on the Gran Sasso of Italy

-Driven didactic excursions a foot, to horse and in mounatain-bike.

– Trekking

– Birdwatching

– Ski

– Mountaineering

– Torrentismo

– Climbed sporting and on the falls of ice

– Canoe

– Windsurf on the lake of Campotosto

– Cycling tours

– Naturalistic photo

– Observation of the animals

In our structure you will find the informative brochures of all the activites


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